Run Out of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe? We Got You Covered!

The great news is that you do not have to stress out on where to get your supply of the coffee lovers’ favorite beans: Ethiopian Yirgacheffe.  African Coffee Club has enough stock of freshly roasted Arabica coffee that stands out for floral, fruity notes.

What is African Coffee Club?

African Coffee Club (ACC), based in Los Angeles, Califormia, is a minority-owned small business that curates amazing micro-lot coffees from all parts of Africa. Think of ACC as your African coffee tour guides who regularly send you amazing and exotic coffees you can't find anywhere else online or on the shelf.

The African Coffee Club Yirgacheffe

African Coffee Club has freshly roasted stock of Yirgacheffe which is grown at high altitude regions in Ethiopia. The beans are hand-picked and then wet processed to make sure that they retain the natural flavor and high acidity. These are qualities coffee lovers want in their beans for either hot or iced coffee!

If you have never tasted the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, this is your time to explore an exotic tasting coffee. In fact, Yirgacheffe is a micro-region  in southern Ethiopia that is considered the birthplace of coffee.

The Yirgacheffe has distinct flavors. And if you love fruit-baked cakes, then you have the perfect companion to your coffee.

You may want to run out of coffee, but it will be a great idea not to run out of the Yirgacheffe. With African Coffee Club, you are guaranteed supply everyday, or in 2 weeks, 4 weeks, or 6 weeks!