People Who Drink Coffee Are Happier, Healthier, and Earn More Money. Is That You?

I love fresh roasted coffee beans; with these I am assured of brewing a delicious cup of coffee to fix my morning. On other occasions I brew coffee at home and carry to work with my travel mug. For the many years I have been drinking coffee, I have experienced its punch in the face; it wakes me up into the real world.

Are you a coffee lover? If the answer is YES, I have some news for you! Here are some of the qualities that define people who drink coffee. Feel free to tell us in the comments section how many of the listed qualities describe you. We will send a bag of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee to the best comment!

  1. They are smarter: The caffeine in coffee blocks the adenosine in the brain, which is an inhibitory transmitter. That is why coffee drinkers have higher energy levels. Their brains function at significantly higher levels. Coffee improves reaction time, memory, and general cognitive function

  2. They are healthier: New research has established that drinking coffee could activate the body’s fat-fighting defenses, a discovery that could have potentially significant implications in the battle against obesity and diabetes. According to researchers at the University of Nottingham, coffee may help stimulate our brown fat reserves, also known as brown adipose tissue, which plays a key role in how quickly we can burn calories.

  3. They have fewer bouts of depression: According to a study by Harvard, drinking several cups of coffee could reduce the risk of suicide in men and women by about 50 percent. Drinking cups of coffee keeps your spirits high, as it makes you 10% less likely to be depressed. Although the protection from depression may not be attributable to caffeine, according to researchers, the coffee’s mood-lifting effect may be traced to its anti-oxidants.

4. They are more physically active: When caffeine enters your blood stream, it acts like fuel. It also increases the adrenaline level in your body to significantly enhance your physical performance. Some suggest that you have a cup of coffee roughly an hour before you hit the gym or engage in a physically engaging exercise.

5. They have longer life spans: People who drink coffee have a longer life span, as they are less susceptible to premature death and the negative effects of heart diseases, cholesterol intake, and blood pressure.

6. They are funny and interesting to be with: Studies reveal that those who drink coffee are more exciting to work with and add more fun to the workplace. They tend to be team players and love to engage others in a discussion or activity.

7. They are high achievers: Drinking coffee is part of the identity of high achievers. With a desperate need for time, a cup of caffeine is what drives and kick-starts a day. Rather than slowly rolling out of messy beds, the coffee drinker is ready to meet his goals as quickly as possible.

8. They have healthier brains: Studies have shown that coffee works against brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Although there are no cures for these diseases, coffee drinkers are less likely to have Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

9. They earn more money: A study conducted on workers in the United Kingdom, discovered that coffee drinkers earn about $2500 more than their counterparts who drink tea

10. They are punctual: Who wants latecomers! According to the study, coffee drinkers are less likely to be late for work than tea-sippers.

There you go? Which qualities define you? Share with us in the comments section and you stand a chance to receive a bag of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe whole bean coffee from African Coffee Club.