When you Buy Coffee From Africa, You Put Money in Growers' Pockets

Coffee has been our way of life. Our small shamba (farm) is where we earn our livelihood. Getting Coffee beans to where they are ready to be picked has its ups and downs. Sometimes it can be frustrating to an extent many farmers want to destroy all the coffee bushes and plant other crops. However, even though there are times when coffee prices for the small scale farmer are low, this is the same crop that  that has educated us, and helped us educate our children.

African Coffee Club

grown by small scale farmers..

Coffee farming in our case is generational; it has been passed on to us from our great grandparents.  We have a saying here that coffee brings us all together, and if you look at it, the Arabica beans that we grow and sold all over the world brings strangers together. 

We read in newspapers that coffee from our region in Kirinyaga is very popular in America because it is grown in a high altitude area and as a result has high sugar concentration which every coffee-lover looks for. 

As farmers, our hope is that one day we can receive as many coffee tourists as possible, people coming to learn about coffee farming and how it is processed. It would be a great experience for farmers and the coffee lovers! 

fair-trade coffee

we ensure farmers we buy from get paid competitive rates

As small scale coffee farmers, all we want are better prices for our product. When you buy this coffee, you are making it possible for this dream to be realized. When you buy this coffee, as you smile drinking your favorite cup of coffee, we as farmers will be smiling as we lead a decent life aware that our coffee is making a livelihood for us. 

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