Q: Where do you get your coffee?

A: Our coffee is curated and procured from the best coffee growing regions of Africa. With our mission to share the world of coffee each month we introduce coffee from a new region. Ethiopia, Congo, Rwanda and beyond, check out our product descriptions for more information about the various farms we source from or feel free to reach out and ask us!

Q: Is your coffee fair trade?

A: On average about 50% - 60% of the coffees we offer are either fair-trade certified, direct trade, or go through a coffee cooperative. All of the coffee we source uses sustainable farming practices, which sounds "Jargon-y" but what it boils down to is we pay above market prices for our coffee to ensure the farms can produce high quality coffee year over year.

Q: Do you flavor the coffee?

A: We do not add any flavors to our coffee. The only ingredient in our coffee is coffee.

Q: Why are my coffee beans Dry?

A: Yes! Your coffee beans are intended to be dry. Dry coffee beans are not a bad thing. And for every coffee roast type (other than a very darkly roasted coffee) the coffee bean consistency should be dry. 

The consistency of the bean (dry or oily) does not indicate freshness or a lack thereof. 

If you find that the coffee is not strong enough? Or that the coffee is too acidic, email us so we can get you a coffee that matches your roast preference!

Q: How much coffee comes in each bag?

A: Each 12oz bag will serve about 30 cups of coffee.

Q: Can I use a K-Cup or Keurig?

A: No. Not at this time. We believe the best way to brew coffee is to grind your whole beans with a burr grinder at home for maximum enjoyment and flavor.


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