Every 4 Weeks

Every 4 Weeks

14.00 every month 18.00 every month

You will receive the following every 4 weeks:

  • 1 bag of whole coffee beans (12 oz • about 30 cups)

  • Bracelet and postcard

  • Tasting notes & brewing tips for each batch

We are continuously sourcing new coffee beans from over 1,000 coffee farms in some of the world’s finest coffee growing regions. There are 12 countries in all with multiple coffee growing regions within each country.


New Coffee Each Month

Each country has several growing regions which means we will always have new coffee for you to try!


Slower Is Better

Coffee tastes better when it is processed the slow way - by hand. Each bean is hand picked, processed and dried on raised beds which gives more time for the unique floral and sweet notes to take hold. This time-honored tradition has been passed on from generation-to-generation which you can enjoy in your home each month.