Amount: 12oz. (About 30 cups)

Country: Ethiopia
Region: Sidamo
Varietal: Heirloom
Process: Natural, Hand-Processed
Altitude: 1,800 - 2,200m
Drying Method: Sun-dried on raised beds
Certification: Direct Trade
Cupping: Almond, blueberry, sweet

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Flavor Profile: Fruity


Coffee in Ethiopia (including Yirgacheffe) is known for citrusy edges, vibrant acidity, and natural sweetness. What really sets Sidamo coffee apart, however, is a unique blueberry flavor. You really have to try the coffee for yourself to understand how the sweetness of blueberries perfectly compliments the creamy, earthy and nutty notes. With every mouthful, you’re assaulted with the fresh, almost floral aroma, sweet flavor and the complex and wild acidity all wrapped up into one.

The high elevations of the Sidamo region allow the beans to really take their time growing, soaking up the sun, earth, and tropical climate. The beans are handpicked, washed and sun-dried before being shipped off. A medium roast is best for these beans – a light or dark roast will obliterate the subtle earthy, nutty and citrus edges in a flood of sickly sweetness.

Roast Profile: Medium

Medium Roast.jpg

Sidamo prefers a medium roast as this allow its delicate qualities to shine and enhance the coffee's bright acidity. We recommend a medium roast versus a dark roast as we find darker roasts reduce the floral and fruity notes of coffee beans. It takes years of practice to strike the correct roasting balance, and our customers tell us all that we need to hear!

Type: Whole Bean

Whole Coffee Beans.jpg

The advantage of buying whole bean coffee is that the flavor is much stronger, and the subtle tastes of your specific type of bean are more noticeable.  You will get that "fresh" quality everyone looks for in a delicious cup of coffee.

Region: Sidamo, Ethiopia

Ethiopia Map.jpg

Sidamo is a large region in the south of Ethiopia, home to the Sidama farmers. The Sidama Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union is just one union of farmers that still live off the coffee plants they grow, harvest and sell. There are over 80,000 independent farmers in this union alone.

Fair Trade, USDA Organic and other certifications are all easy to come by for Sidamo coffees too.

Coffee production in this area is strongly associated with their culture. The method of growing, harvesting and processing the coffee has been passed down through generations. Sidamo coffee is steeped in culture and has a rich history.

Almost the entirety of the Sidamo region is a strictly high grown altitude, meaning the coffee here grows for longer than average before becoming ripe for picking.

The climate in this region is tropical, moist and humid… for now. Unfortunately, the Sidamo climate is slowly changing as a result of climate change and global warming. How much the climate will change and how quickly can only be estimated, but this will undoubtedly have an effect on the growth and flavor of the coffee produced here.

How To Store Coffee Beans.jpg

You should store coffee beans at room temperature before brewing. To get the best results, store your beans in a dry, airtight container. When choosing a container and location for your favorite blend, it is essential to avoid air, moisture, heat, and light.

Healthy Living.jpg

New research has established that drinking coffee can activate the body's fat-fighting defenses. This new research is a discovery that could have potentially significant implications in the battle against obesity and diabetes. According to researchers at the University of Nottingham, coffee may help stimulate our brown fat reserves, also known as brown adipose tissue, which plays a key role in how quickly we can burn calories.

Ethical Pricing

Ethiopian Farmer.jpg

We source our whole green coffee beans from farms across Africa that pay well above market value, which helps ensure ethically sustainable farming practices.

Hand Processed


Our coffee is hand-picked, hand-washed, and then dried on raised beds as this allows the time necessary for the floral, sweet, and fruity notes to take hold.

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