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Amazing Coffee • A new adventure each month • Freshly Roasted

I love trying out coffee beyond what is on the store shelves. The first bag I tried was from Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia. I received detailed brewing tips, a postcard from Ethiopia, and what I should be tasting. My taste buds exploded! I could really taste the blueberry and floral notes.
— Joseph L. Burbank, CA

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Each box contains:

  • 12oz of coffee (about 30 cups)

  • Postcard

  • Brewing tips

Coffee from a new region each month:

  • There are thousands of coffee regions in Africa

  • Think of us as your African coffee safari guides

  • We customize the roast to each regions’ unique notes



CHOOSE HOW OFTEN YOU would like to receive your coffee

Every 2 Weeks
13.00 every 2 weeks
Every 4 Weeks
14.00 every month
Every 6 weeks
16.00 every 6 weeks