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Meet Mukurima Muriuki

My name is Mukurima Muriuki; friends call me Muks and I am a co-founder of African Coffee Club.

I was born and raised in Baricho, a small village in the Centra region of Kenya. My grandfather was a small scale coffee farmer and it was proceeds from coffee that paid for my school fees. I have a first hand experience on what it takes coffee growers to produce coffee rich in aroma and natural flavor. For example, sun ripening and hand processing helps retain all the nutrients.

Coffee farming is a demanding job. In order to get the berries to the best standards that would produce delicious coffee, growers have to invest time, skills, and resources in the crop. Sadly though, there is a not an equivalent fair prices in return.


Slower is better

A few years ago, America welcomed me with open arms and I forever will be grateful. I have obtained a Masters Degree in Negotiation, Conflict Resolution and Peace Building. I also have an accounting background and an avid sportsman.

I founded African Coffee Club to inform you more about the coffee grown in Africa. If there is a demand of African coffee, it means that farmers will reap the reward by getting fair prices for their hard work. In addition, Africa is known for Safari; Can you imagine flying to Ethiopia for a cup of coffee in the morning, and then stopping over in Kenya for another delicious cup in the afternoon and then calling it a night in Malawi with another cup of coffee rich in aroma and flavor! Our coffee is sourced from farms that pay farmers fair wages and when you buy our coffee, you are lifting that grower in Africa.