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Learn about Africa in a uniquely personal way

Go on aN African coffee safari


a coffee Subscription club delivering Whole Beans To your Door

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Why Our Coffee


the birthplace of coffee

Coffee from Africa is in high demand among coffee lovers. In addition to the legend that coffee was discovered by a goat herder in Ethiopia, the unique combination of climate, altitude and soil makes Africa the ideal place to grow the world’s best beans.


We Know Our Growers

Our premium whole coffee beans are sourced from farms across Africa that pay well above market value which helps ensure ethically sustainable farming practices.


Slower is better

Research shows that coffee beans that undergo hand-picking, washing, and then drying the beans on raised beds allows more time for the floral, sweet and fruity notes to take hold. This is what makes coffee from Africa the best in the world.


Coffee of the month club

Try coffee from a new region of Africa each month

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Explore our whole bean, single-bag options

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I usually don’t buy the premium stuff but I like to explore new coffees from time to time. I enjoyed last cup of the bag yesterday - it was awesome!
— Joseph L. Burbank, CA

Some of the best coffee I’ve had this year. So good!
— Shelby R. Pensacola, FL

I kept dreaming of morning when I could have another cup! Seriously, a creamy finish, smells amazing. I’ve had other coffee from nearby regions in Ethiopia but Yirgacheffe is some of the best I’ve ever tasted. Great job guys with the Mokamba.
— Lucy K. Buffalo, NY